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Why do you recommend washing your car after a rain?


Washing your car after a rain is one of the most critical times to wash your vehicle, according to the International Carwash Association.  Rain and snow contain dirt and pollutants from the air (commonly referred to as acid rain) and it can eat away at the finish of your car.  After the water evaporates, it leaves a film of acid.  Add sunlight to this mixture and the acid can become so strong that it will eat through your car's finish.


How often should I wash my car?


The International Carwash Association recommends washing your car at least every ten days.


Why do I need to go to a carwash, rather than just washing it at home in my driveway?


Professional car washes are gentler to auto finishes than the hose-and-bucket method, and cleaning solutions used are specifically formulated for clearcoat and other new car finishes.  An added benefit is that most professional washes use biodegradable cleaning solutions and dispose of wastewater according to strict environmental regulations.


Why is it that important to remove mud from my vehicle?


If mud is not removed from the undercarriage of your vehicle, it can hold moisture against the metal causing rust and body rot around wheels and door sills.


Do I still need to wax my car even if it has a clear coat finish?


Yes.  Clear coat finishes can still be damaged by acid rain (a by-product of rain and snow).  Even with minimal time outdoors, any clear coat finish will begin to deteriorate after two years.  The culprits include: the sun's ultraviolet rays, rain, snow, salt, and normal road wear.  It is recommended that a car receive a professional hand wax twice a year, along with a professional car wash once a week.

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