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Protect Your Car From Winter's Hazards

Remember that the most damaging thing you can do to your car during the harsh winter weather is nothing! Do not worry about your car freezing. Washing the salt, slush and mud off your car in cold weather is essential.

Be sure to wash your vehicle frequently at a professional car wash. Don't be afraid to wash it every few days if the temperature rises and then falls below the freezing level and you've been driving on salted roads. Washing should also include an undercarriage rinse (an option available at most professional car washes) so salt can be removed from hard-to-reach areas, like the bumpers and in the wheel wells, which are likely to rust.  By taking preventative measures now and having your car professionally washed regularly, you will save time and money in the months to come.


Regular professional washing and waxing will help maintain your car's appearance as well as retain the value of your vehicle, according to the International Car Wash Association (ICA).

"Most car owners understand the value of changing motor oil regularly to protect the engine," explains Mark Thorsby, Executive Director of ICA, "but if they forget and instead choose to replace the engine, the car could still be as good as new. However, a car with oxidized paint and a rusted-out body can never be economically restored. The best prevention is regular washing and waxing at a professional car wash."

With more than 22,000 professional car washes around the world offering a wide range of services to protect a car's finish from deteriorating and the body from rust, there's no excuse not to keep your vehicle in great shape.

Professional car washes offer a range of services, from basic to extensive, to suit all of your car-care needs.  For starters, try an exterior only tunnel wash to automatically provide applied protective waxes and undercarriage treatment. Also consider detailing or custom polishing while at the wash for more extensive protection. By applying a premium polish and buffing it, you can restore the shine of your car. On the detail side, you can have everything done from vacuuming under the rugs in the trunk to swabbing air conditioner vents, to get your car looking like new.


If you are running short on time, but need your car professionally cleaned, try a self-service car wash. Self-serves offer a variety of effective, self-cleaning services from which to choose. For best results, be sure to follow the instructions posted in the self-service bay. First, you will start with a pre-soak to loosen road grime. The second step is the high pressure soap wash. For gentle scrubbing, use the foaming brush next, followed by the fresh water rinse. Remember to take advantage of the application of special tire and wheel cleaners. For maximum protection and shine, the wax application is a must. Finally, many self-serve washes offer a spot-free rinse. All the solutions are specially formulated to protect and shine your car and to clean tough road dirt.

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