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Why We Love Our Cars

Owning a car is quite similar to owning a pet. We take time and great care to pick out just the right one to be our unconditional friend. We want the relationship to be happy since we'll be spending a lot of time together. Finally that perfect match happens, and then we name it, talk to it, play with it and yes, even brag about it. And ultimately, for most of us, we even fall in love with it. Suffice it to say, Americans have this same love affair with their cars.


Our cars are an extension of our personalities. They reflect our lifestyles and the perception we have of ourselves. They inspire feelings and quite often ignite our passion. Pick up trucks make us feel tough, athletic and in control. Sports cars ignite our sex appeal making us feel oh so hot and very cool. Luxury cars inspire feelings of elegance, leadership, and often a sense of wealth that you may not even have.


Isn't it funny, though, how any one of these beasts or beauties can send us cowering into shame and embarrassment if they're coated in dirt? Or the interior is gorging with garbage? How easily that all changes with a simple professional car wash! Just like that, a clean car can change your day. It can change how you feel about yourself, your surroundings, even transform a bad mood into a glowing one.


But more importantly, keeping your car clean has many significant financial and environmental benefits, especially when performed by a professional car wash.


Let's start with the financial rewards. Every day our cars are subjected to sun, salt from the sea, salt from snow trucks, grease and grime from the road, acid rain, smog, tree sap, dead bugs, and worst of all, the ever-acidic compound of bird poop bombs. We've all been riddled and splattered at one time or another.


All of these menaces eat away at a car's metal and chrome. They dull the paint. They corrode and cause rust under the carriage, in the wheel wells, even under the hood. They destroy your pride and joy drop by drop, day after day. You may not see it right away, but over time they will contribute to the decay of your car's exterior, ultimately diminishing its resale value. By professionally washing your car at least once or twice a month, you can maintain your dignity and help preserve one of your biggest investments.


Another benefit? Saved time and convenience. Time, apparently, has become the most valued commodity by most Americans today. Any way to save it - accomplishing more with less - appears to be the latest trend. To wash a car yourself, first you need to buy the soap and washcloths. Then there's the clean up of your yard or driveway. Lugging everything in and out of your garage or house is exhausting compared to a quick trip to the nearest car wash.


Few people also realize that washing their cars at home pollutes the environment. Soap and road grime such as oils, tar, and dirt end up in storm sewers that flow into lakes, streams and rivers - the same water in which your children might swim, or where you fish or hunt. Water conservation is another benefit: professional car washes can use up to half the amount of water than it takes to do it yourself at home.


For all these reasons, you can't beat a professional car wash. And oh what fun it is to take your kid through the wash from the inside of the car! Or just follow along by the window.


So treat your care the way you want it to treat you. Add car washing to your monthly list of chores; go to the bank, pick up the dry cleaning, visit the grocery store, and wash the car. With over 35 Ultimate Wash car washes around the Cleveland area, there's just no excuse not to swing through one every two or three weeks. You'll protect your investment, save time, minimize environmental impact, and will end up feeling refreshed and much more organized.

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